Shri. K.G. Jayan inaugurating the Expressions of Mind degree show by
lighting the lamp at VGT hall on 31st May 2015.

Making the hall a contemporary art gallery, ‘Expressions of Mind’, the Degree Show of final year Fine Arts students of the National Institute of Speech and Hearing (NISH) commenced today.

Inaugurating the event held at VJT Hall, renowned cinematographer Shri. K. G. Jayan commented on the quality of each displayed work by the students, pointing out that the works were better than what he had seen before.

He also noted that language is not a barrier for the expression of thought and ideas. “The 15 students with disabilities have expressed their views and aspirations through artistic expression,” he added.

“The students with disabilities can learn and be professionals like others in society provided they are treated as equals,’’ said Dr. Samuel N. Mathew, Executive Director, NISH. He also urged parents not to limit their children because of their disabilities.

The degree show is part of the NISH curriculum that the students have to undertake at the end of their eighth semester. Out of the 15 students, seven are specialising in applied art, six in painting and two in sculptures.

The show has 41 paintings, 14 sculptures and 11 illustrations. A range of exhibits included oil paintings, acrylic paintings; applied art including calendars, brochures, visiting cards etc and sculpture made out of metal, stone, fibre and wood by students.

Apart from this, third year BFA students have also displayed illustrations describing various activities of NISH.

Striking among the paintings was one titled ‘Dream Voyage’, which depicted various dreams of the artist. A painting named ‘Attractive Night’ was yet another standout one that showed the beauty of the night and a campfire by a group of villagers in moonlight. Nature and the seasons are also well described in different works.   

The brochure of the exhibition designed by the students was released by Shri. Jayan.

Shri. A. B. Reghunathan Nair, Administrative Officer, NISH and Shri. K. Ramachandran, former Administrative Officer, NISH also spoke.

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